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Tuesday, November 1, 2011



by Habimana Rukundo on Thursday, July 21, 2011 at 8:35pm
Hutu Refugees in Goma: Most of them were killed by the RPA, according to the former RPA officer
There is no true reconciliation in Rwanda. 
If any , as you said there is a "one way reconciliation" , or forced reconciliation .Imagine this
An army fighting for power invades a country . In the process , they wipe away the falimy of a young boy (the only survivor) . The young boy , following his neighbors and family friends, flee to Congo , where he is chassed again , under the rain of Katyusha and 105mm , to the Congo forest , then he fall sick .... Some of his friends die , and he was injured , and finally repatriated back to Rwanda . 
he undegoes an "ingando" training, where he is taught about the new country policy . He is taught about "loving his country" , he learns how the former regime (back in the time when he lastly experienced peace) was demoniac ! He is taught that history is false ... and then he is sent back to his village. 
Back at the village , he see other orphans ("Tutsi genocide orphans") going to school for free , being given all accomodations (from the school fees , matress , books even pens and clothes ....) , while he don't even dream of education , simply because he did not survive the Tutsi genocide .
“ Paul Kagame is a war criminal and he deserves to be executed 20 times a day for his crimes against humanity.”And through it all , MY BOY IS PRAISING THE REGIME , singing and dancing about the reconciliation installed by the current "father of the nation" (Mzee wacu , as many name him) . Our boy may even be currently enrolled in the local leadership of Intore .

Questions : 
1. Do you think this kid will make noise , protest , or do anything to claim a fair treatment ?? (How can he do it while the Intore are watching every house of the neighbohood ?? )

2. Do you think when Kagame comes to this village (followed with Kabarebe and other Congo war "heroes") , this kid will not applaud them ?? 
Sure he will ... !Youth prisoners accused of the Genocide in Rwanda work in field in youth prison in Gitagata, Rwanda.

3. Do you think this kid will not participate in foundraising for helping the "Tutsi genocide survivors" ?? 
You bet he will try to participate more than anyone else ! Being aware that he has none to speak for him , he will try to stay out of trouble . Azubahiriza gahunda zose za leta !

4. When Kigali Gvt will need to refute the "Mapping report" , do you think this boy will be a key witness for them ??? 
I bet he will be testifying that "only interahamwe were killed " , and RPA are angels !

5. Do you think this kid will have any way to ask for a proper burial for his family dead back in 1990 ?? 
No , no no no.... ! Why ??? Think about it . 
( Take this hint: How can an Intore ask for a proper burial for people killed by "freedom fighters" ??)
Rwanda's Island Prison for Children! Hundreds of vagrants, thieves and street kids have been sent, without a trial, to a remote island — an extreme example of the levels of repression in Rwanda.Reconciliation ?? mmmm ... Only as long as the one who implemented it has control ! Otherwise , I am afraid, it will waver quicker than most of us think .
Peace .



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