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Saturday, November 19, 2011

RWANDA:How do we defeat Dictator Kagame?

Rwanda: a free, confident, triumphant & green future
Dear AD Rwandan bloggers, I live in Kigali, and religiously read AD everyday. I have to change places where I read it because of the high risk of getting caught at it. What a difference this site has made for us inside Rwanda as we have no alternative media to tell us about our mis-ruler. Whoever came up with the AD idea, may the almighty bless your heart.
I want to make an emotional appeal. Fellow ikaramu-fighters, the pen is mightier than the sword. I suggest we begin to use the pen in a more effective way.
The goal of exposing our tyrant Kagame is now accomplished. We have done everything we possibly can to show the world almost every detail about this evil man. His thieving ways, amassed wealth, shocking luxurious lifestyle in a poverty-stricken country, his killings – you name it, AD has exposed it.
We should now move on to spend more energy in discussion of how to dump him into the dustbin of history as several bloggers have suggested over and over again. Go back into AD postings and you will find a variation such suggestion from bloggers IBAMBASI, TITIAN, UH, KAFEERO, SAM YONGWE, KAMIKAZI, HOPE, DOMITILA, DANIE, MBARUTSO, and many others.
Yes – even Kagame sycophants deep down know that their man is beyond repair and only good for the scrap yard. His international supporters are running for the hills from Kagame smell of blood. We have made the case.
So we must move on to the issue of how to dump him. For this enterprise, we can benefit from existing sources and wisdom. Begin from AD postings, including George Ayittey’s “how to defeat African dictators. To purge Africa from the scourge of dictatorships, in our case, to dump butcher Kagame into the scrapyard, Ayittey highlights several inter-connected important factors:
  • It takes a coalition to organize and coordinate activities of the various opposition groups.
  • A small group of people Ayittey calls an elders’ council (in our case, INYANGAMUGAYO) composed of eminent and respectable personalities who have no political baggage is vital.
  • These INYANGAMUGAYO are the only ones able to reach out to all the opposition groups – and they are listen to precisely because they have no political baggage.
Is this possible in our current situation in Rwanda? Yes indeed. It will not be easy Colleagues, but we must move in this direction – into a higher quality discussion on how to end our misery. We have no choice, because sadly  we Rwandans are back in a familiar despicable position:
  • Our forefathers suffered for 30 years trying to end the tyrannical rule of Kanjogera (Kagame great aunt), her brother Kabare and her son Musinga.
  • Untimely death of Rudahigwa paved the way for the brutal regime of Kayibanda that lasted 10 years.
  • Dictator Habyarimana who followed clocked in 20 years. And then the worst happened – genocide and the regime of assassination and terror Rwanda has ever witnesses…
  • In came the devil himself – Kagame – who is nearing 20 years and may misrule us for another 20 if not stopped now.
We say ENOUGH! We are tired of this cycle of tyrannical rule. We are not cursed. No! Perhaps cowardly given that we have accepted to be sheep herded by tip-pot dictators for over a century now. Enough.

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