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Sunday, June 3, 2012

RWANDA:Lie: An order from President Kagame of Rwanda

From the Africa Global Village By Jennifer Fierberg, MSW

By: Jennifer Fierberg, MSW
Rwandan National Congress (RNC) Speaks on Rwanda’s issues in the CongoThe last few weeks have seen the Central Africa region, particularly the Congo and Rwanda; face many dualities of challenges; from the sentencing of warlords at the ICC to new rebel groups surfacing in the Congo. A central player in all of this has, once again, emerged as Rwanda and the Kagame Regime. For many years President Kagame has been pulling strings and controlling the lives of millions in the Congo through private political deals and troops continuing to brutally take resources from the Congolese. In a surprising move, On Friday June 1, 2012 many Congo MP’s walked out of closed door meeting stating that secret dealings with Rwanda be debated in public, (
The following is the press release as translated by the Rwandan National Congress:PRESS RELEASE OF MAY 31/2012 NºRNC2012SP001/DRC (Translated)
The Rwandan people and the world, once again, heard the Rwandan foreign affairs minister desperately denying the Rwandan government involvement in the socio-political and military troubles in the Eastern Democratic Republic of Rwanda (DRC), while the leaked UN report and MONUSCO confirmed having reliable sources that the Rwanda provides assistance including military training to rebel groups in that region.
The Rwandan National Congress (RNC) would like to remind the people of Rwanda that the Rwandan Foreign Affairs statements are pure lies meant to mislead the people of Rwanda and the international community. The Rwandan National Congress calls upon all Rwandan hungry for lasting peace, unity, justice, economic and social development, to join us in the fight against the continuation of these unnecessary wars that only serve the interests of President Kagame. Millions of Congolese and Rwandans continue to die every day; women and girls are being raped every day. Countless Rwandan soldiers are losing their lives every day, not to mention the hatred these wars create among the people of the two nations.
You recall that on May 11, 2012 the coordinator of the Rwandan National Congress, Dr. Theogene Rudasingwa, in a memo addressed to the Secretary General of the UN, the Head of States, members of G8, the European Union, the African Union and the UN Security Council, outlined why President Kagame is to blame for the humanitarian crisis in the Eastern DRC. (Attached) This was corroborated by the UN report, which triggered blistering denial by the Rwandan foreign affairs minister, who blamed it on MONUSCO instead.
The  RNC reminds Rwandans and the international community that lying has been part of the culture of the Kigali regime. The Rwandan authorities are constantly asked to lie; it was the case when tens of thousands of Rwandan troops were fighting in the Democratic Republic of Congo in the 1996 and 1998, but Rwandan Foreign affairs ministers has denied the presence of Rwandan soldiers on Congolese soil. These ministers had to obey the orders of President Kagame: "lying."
The Rwandan National Congress takes this opportunity to ask all Rwandans to join RNC in condemning personal wars which raise public debts and cost lives of our fellow citizens.
Jean Paul Turayishimye
Spokesperson, RNC

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