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Saturday, May 26, 2012


Rwanda's head of military intelligence , Gen Rutatina and Kagame's spies . .
News reaching our newspaper Umuvugizi’s desk indicate that the National British security Agency has began the process of stripping all Rwandan nationals identified as President Kagame’s spy network of all their documents supporting their refugee claimancy or British residential status. Many of these Rwandans had claimed persecution by the Rwandan State in order to receive British national status but in actual fact they are Rwandan spy agents sent by the Kagame regime. The first casualty of this exercise is Jimmy Kanyambo who was denied refugee status upon arrival from Kigali. His passport was stamped with a “rejection” stamp and subsequently stripped of the basic rights accorded to refugees upon arrival on British soil.
In the same news cable to, another Kagame-spy by the name of Kageruka Appollinare is undergoing the same investigative process after his passport was confiscated by the British Security Agency while they conclude their findings. Appollinare kageruka has been spying on other Rwandan refugees particularly those in opposition to the Kigali regime.
Another master Kagame-spy who goes by the alias Tom Ndahiro but whose real name is Tom Rwabugiri was rejected and stripped of all refugee claimant documents because of the serious charges leveled against him such as spying on Britain and other legitimate Rwandans living in Britain.
In other reliable news, another Kagame-spy has suffered the same fate as his predecessors.
Richard Ntukura was summoned by the same British Agency and interrogated at length about his spying activities on the Rwandan community in Britain. His case is still under investigation.
Information reaching our desk attests to the continued and persistent spying activities carried out by these people and others at large that the Kigali regime has bankrolled to gather information, harass and threaten innocent Rwandans living in the UK.
Notably among them are, Abera Yvonne, Nzigamasabo Chouchou, Kazungu Eugene Muhumuliza, Bamurange Grace and Kagabo Alex alias Rwabuhihi Stanislas. This group is notoriously known for working closely with the Rwandan Intelligence both in Kigali and with the Rwandan Embassy in the UK.
In order to verify the credibility of this report, Umuvugizi called and spoke to Bamurange Grace by telephone and asked her about the alleged charges against her if she truly is a spy agent working for the Rwandan intelligence in Britain. In her words, she replied, “I am a Rwandan spy even though I am not paid for my services. I will not tolerate anybody speaking ill of my country. The mere fact that I choose to spy for my country is testament that I love my country!”
Asked why she continues to carry out spying activities yet she claims to be a refugee claimant she responded that “everyone who is critical of Kagame’s rule is an enemy of the state and I will not tolerate them”. An anonymous man by her side hastily helped her respond to our queries telling her that she should not be ashamed of hiding the fact that she is a known spy, “tell them the truth that you are a spy, what does it cost you?”.
We tried calling all the above mentioned people who have been implicated in these spying activities to no avail.
Gasasira, Sweden.
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