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Thursday, September 8, 2011


It has been more than 10 years since the Hutu Rwanda refugees were forcefully expelled from the refugee camps in Tanzania. These refugees were forced to go back to Rwanda where majority of them were killed, especially those ones who were still young male were either killed by the Tutsi government which took over power in 1994 after the RPF killed two hutu presidents, president Habyarimana Juvenal of Rwanda and Ntaryamira Cyprian of Rwanda. When these refugees were chased from Tanzania some of them took into the jungle and walked for months in order to reach where people could feel safe. Those who took into the forests were eaten by animals. Others managed to free to neighboring countries like KENYA.These two leaders were from a peace meeting in Arusha where the then President of Tanzania Julius Nyerere had organized  in order to assassinate President Habyarimana of Rwanda. This assassination was sponsored by USA,UK,Uganda and Tanzanian government together with Burundian Tutsi elites.

The hatred that Tanzanian government has against Rwandan Hutus is still visible to this day. The Tanzanian people still feel that Rwandan refugees in neighobring countries are the survivors of their henious acts of killing Rwandan Hutu refugees.

I can state that we, the young Rwandan Hutu refugees who survived the brutal inhumane actions of both the Tutsi led Rwanda and the Tanzanian governments, should come together and write what happened to us in Tanzania. I remembered this recently when my sister tried to go to Tanzania to do some work at the International Criminal Tribunal of Rwanda ICTR but she was returned at the Namanga border. This happened because she was travelling on the UNHCR Travel document issued by the American government. When she arrived at the border the Tanzanian immigration officials asked some bribe from her but she declined because her documents were in order. However, she was sent back to Nairobi Kenya to ask for the visa, which was outrageous because she had been in Arusha for two months still working on her research. When she asked why she was returned to Kenya, one of the officer said it is because you dont want to give us some water to drink, meaning some RUSHWA as it is known in Kiswahili word or a bribe. Then the officer proceeded saying that you Rwandan refugees who come to Tanzania you might be among those who were expelled from Tanzania late 1990s when Tanzania chased all Hutu refugees because they were unwanted on our land because we had good relationship with the Tutsi regime in Rwanda. Since my sister lived in Tanzania until we were chased away I found this a bad animosity amaong Tnanzanians. I didnt want to keep quiet regarding what this shameless people did for us in 1990s first, by supporting a bloody Tutsi led rebellion against a peaceful nation, second, having killed two Hutu presidents at once who had gone to Arusha for peace negotiations, thirdly, looking at the way so many people died in 1996 when Tanzania expelled all Hutu refugees who were living in Tanzania.

I can conclude my writing requesting all Rwandans wherever they are especially those who were refugees in 1994 to put down in writing advocating for compensation from both the UNHCR and the Tanzanian government because of the harm and damage they caused to Hutu refugees. I should also warn other Hutu refugees who want to pass through Tnanzania that those people still hate Rwandan Hutu refugees because they know we know what they did to us and we are not ready to forgive them unless they ask for forgiveness of innocent blood they shed. Here is how things happened from 1970s.

The story goes that Nyerere was a very good friend of Kayibanda because of the African liberation and socialism ideology, which I strongly support if it is applied efficiently. In 1973 Mr Habyarimana led a coup d'etat which ousted Kayibanda and later Kayibanda died in the prison killed by no other than Kanyarengwe and Lizinde, these two were later killed by the Tutsi led RPF of Mr Paul Kagame. The sotry is told that when Habyarimana took over power in 1973 and put Kayibanda under house arrest, Nyerere called Habyarimana asking him to set Kayibanda free and send him into exile in Tanzania of which Habyariman and his ill intentiont advisers declined. Kayibanda later was executed by Kanyarengwe and Lizinde. Because of this Nyerere never forgave Habyarimana until the day of April 6, 1994 when Nyerere betrayed Habyarimana in Arusha and hnanded him over to assassins like Museveni and his American friends. Rwandans wherever they are they have to know this story and understand the source of their suffering both Hutus and Tutsis suffered because of what Nyerere and Museveni did but Hutus suffered most because they were helpless. Bill Clinton and Blair had worked tirelessly to brand innocent Hutus as genocidaires that is the reason why in 1997 many Hutu refugees children, women, elderly and the sick ones were massacred in Rwanda, Tanzania and DRC and the international community were busy feasting on cheese and pizza. I also urge all the people who survived the RPF atrocities supported both UK and USA to publish it online so that our descendants will know what Hutus went through because of the Western greed.

the Author of this article is a political science student in Amsterdam


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