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Monday, January 3, 2011

Tony Blair Likes Wrong People

Written by fstopsky

Former prime minister Tony Blair has a remarkable capacity to associate himself with the wrong people. He could not shake off believing in the words and actions of George Bush, and today he is a staunch friend of Rwanda President Paul Kagame. The United Nations recently issues a report which blasted Kagame for his actions in neighboring Congo which has resulted in the death of thousands and rape of uncounted thousands of women. According to Blair, the Rwanda dictator is a “visionary leader” who helped end genocide in his native country, but went on to cause chaos and death in other areas of Africa. Dozens of objective outsiders have presented evidence in Rwanda of vote manipulation, imprisonment of opposition leaders and brutality to those opposed to the rule of Kagame, but none of this sinks into the mind of Blair. “I’m a believer and supporter of Paul Kagame. I don’t ignore all those criticisms, having said that. But, I do think you’ve got to recognize that Rwanda is an immensely special case because of the genocide.” He went on to praise economic growth in the country due to Kagame’s work.
Let me get this clear. Paul Kagame led the fight to end the rule of brutal Hutu thugs who had engaged in genocide against their Tutsi neighbors. Logically, someone who has experienced brutality would not use it against innocent people, but Paul Kagame has caused death and destruction. Tony made clear to the prejudiced media that the Rwandan government “very strongly push back against these allegations.”
Yes, and when critics said George Bush was wrong about WMD, his buddy Tony said that George had personally assured him they existed
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